About us

IMG_6709Hi fellow sports fan.

We are Ben and Dakota. We are recent college graduates who love taking short weekend trips throughout the year to see exciting sports games.

Friends ask us all the time how we are able to take so many sports trips. The answer is quite simple. First-  we research to find the cheapest method to get to that destination. Second- we take a look at Airbnb, VRBO, Craigslist, and Kayak to determine where the best place is to stay. Lastly we look at ticket prices via Stubhub, SeatGeek, and search craigslist to find the best package deal for the game. When we find travel dates, airfare, place to stay and tickets we book it!

America has some of the best sports culture in the world. From the rich tailgate experiences College Football has to offer to the amazing baseball stadiums and cities. The sports trip experience is about traveling to a new city. Exploring new eats, amazing tailgate experiences and of course the actual games! We know it’s very time consuming to research on your computer and smart phone to find the perfect combination of flights, hotel, and tickets. Us sports fans are super busy people who work go to school have personal lives, etc. who has time to sit and do leisurely travel research?! That’s why we created this site for your convenience the fans.

Quick Pitch:

  1. All the deals that you see here can be found just researching on google and kayak. 
  2. All flights posted are round trip.
  3. Since our goal is to choose the best game match ups week to week we can only research heavily populated and traveled games. 
  4. Prices are likely to change from when posted. Like all events, the scarcity of a flight, Airbnb, and ticket will change the prices of everything. We do out best to research up to game day to see if there is a deal out there to alert the fans! 
  5. Lastly, we are not travel agents. If anything we are just a couple college bros who have a some spare time to find and prepare you the fans on the best travel packages possible. 

You don’t have to backpack across Europe to make a memory with you and your friends. Sports brings us all together and some of our best memories are from quick weekend sports trips to watch our favorite teams play. We will do our best to deliver to you the best deals to travel with your fanbase or even discover a new one, adding to more memories with your friends and fellow sports fans.